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Its aspect

Natural rind, with slight white to cream-coloured mould. The cheese itself is supple to soft, depending on the maturing. Sweet to slightly acid.

Its maturing

2 to 6 weeks. Raw or pasteurized milk, of goats or cows. Cheese neither pressed nor cooked, nor kneaded. Depending on its maturing, either supple (yellow), unctuous (mature) or runny (very mature).

Its history

This small, soft, acid and salty cheese was created a few centuries ago. It used to be made from goats' milk, but the goats that used to live on the side of the roads in the Dauphiné area disappeared little by little. That means that nowadays, Saint-Marcellin is also made from cows' milk.

History tells us that in 1445, Louis the 11th, who was then the governor of Dauphiné, was attacked by a bear while out hunting, and was saved by two lumberjacks who lived in the region. They accompanied the future king, and made him taste some Saint-Marcelin.
The governor, filled with enthusiasm, brought the cheese to the royal court. On a platter, cheese lovers enjoy observing its maturing when it becomes runny and develops a blue rind.
It also plays a role in cooking, and French Chefs, like Paul Bocuse, give it the acclaim it deserves. As a pretender to the throne, it should soon be crowned with an Dauphiné-focused AOC label.

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