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Crottin de Chavignol
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Cantal « Entre-deux »
Cantal « Entre-deux »
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Its aspect

Dry and rough netural rind. Ochre colour marbled with red, orange and golden spots. Firm cheese, supple and delicate, ivory colour. Taste of milk and fruit, fine nutty flavour. Lactic smell.

Its maturing

4 to 6 months. Raw or pasteurized milk, ochre marbled with red and orange and golden spots. Rennet added according to an unchanging method. Curds pressed, crushed, salted, moulded and pressed once more.

Its history

Auvergne is the only region of France to produce five AOC (guaranteed origin) cheeses, and the Cantal is one of them. Cantal has been famous for over 2000 years and still uses the same method.

Pliny the Elder alludes to it in his Natural History ( main soucre of information for the antiquity) and Gregoire de Tours speaks very highly of it in his History of the Franks at the end of the 6th century. Cantal is mostly eaten at the end of meals, but is also enjoyed as an aperitif or a snack with red berries. It is also the main ingredient for dishes such as « the Cantal feuilleté » or « Cantal crêpes »; Sliced into cubes, it can be added to salads.

The name given to the Cantal depends on its maturing. Between 1 and 3 months, the Cantal is « Young », up to 6 months, it is « Entre-deux » (intermediate) and beyond 6 months of maturingn it is called « Old ».

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